The campaigner’s view: Meesha Nehru on why the CAN is needed

17th July 2019

This was the presentation made by Meesha Nehru, a director of CAN, at its launch event on 12 July: I am a co-director of CAN
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Why we need a Corporate Accountability Standard on tax

15th July 2019

CAN director Richard Murphy presented these slides on Corporate Accountability Standard 1 on Taxation at the Corporate Accountability Network launch event on 12 July. The discussion
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Corporate Accountability Standard 1 – Taxation – launched 12 July 2019

12th July 2019

The Corporate Accountability Network is publishing a document today concerning its first proposed Corporate Accountability Standard, which is on taxation. This will be discussed at the
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Introducing the Corporate Accountability Network

8th July 2019

CAN’s director, Richard Murphy, presented the work of the Corporate Accountability Network to the conference of the Fair Tax Mark on 5 July 2019 using
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Sustainable Cost Accounting in the media

28th June 2019

The launch event for Sustainable Cost Accounting on 27 June attracted some media coverage. Accountancy Age published an article by Corporate Accountability Network director, Richard
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Sustainable cost accounting – a new conceptual framework for accounting

27th June 2019

Earlier this year I was asked to think about the relationship between financial accounting and natural capital accounting by Dr Rupert Read of the University
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Why we need an IFRS for tax

12th June 2019

This article was published by AccountingWEB in the UK on 12 June 2019: Better accounting for tax has long been a focus of tax justice
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Can the Corporate Accountability Network create the change accountancy needs?

29th May 2019

This article was in Accountancy Age on 29 May 2019: “I think at the moment what I’m saying is unusual,” said Richard Murphy as he
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Why accounting has to be reformed

9th May 2019

This article by CAN director Richard Murphy was on Left Foot Forward yesterday: Much attention has been given to the failings of the accounting and associated
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Why our logo says what we’re all about

2nd May 2019

The Corporate Accountability Network’s logo is not just a pretty symbol. It’s there for a reason. This is it: What the circle in the centre
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