Corporate Accountability Network – an update on funding

23rd February 2020

The Corporate Accountability Network (CAN) is a not for profit company funded by grants and fees, if these are generated. In February 2020 the CAN
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Activist investors are increasingly interested in climate change

5th December 2019

Three new reports suggest that matters are proceeding apace with regard to climate change accounting. The first refers to the appointment of Mark Carney, the
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UK boards are neglecting their climate change responsibilities

4th December 2019

Harvey Nash (who are a recruitment and executive search agency) has reported that: Almost half of UK boards (46%) spent zero hours discussing climate change
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The latest guide to sustainable cost accounting is now out

The latest guide to sustainable cost accounting is now out, incorporating feedback from recent meetings at which the issue has been discussed. Download the guide
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We cannot account for the Green New Deal with voluntary measures: accounting standards are necessary

28th November 2019

Yesterday the Guardian, amongst many members, noted a new report from leading climate scientists printed in Nature, a leading science journal. As the Guardian said:
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If the US Business Roundtable is serious it has to demand accounting reform to deliver stakeholder accountability

20th August 2019

The US-based Business Roundtable issued a press release yesterday stating that it has reconsidered the purpose of business. This is significant. That is because many
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We need a new NGO to demand the accounts we really deserve

30th July 2019

This article was in Ethical Consumer, published in July 2019, and was written by Richard Murphy, CAN’s director: Our economy works by mixing the fortunes
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The campaigner’s view: Meesha Nehru on why the CAN is needed

17th July 2019

This was the presentation made by Meesha Nehru, a director of CAN, at its launch event on 12 July: I am a co-director of CAN
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Why we need a Corporate Accountability Standard on tax

15th July 2019

CAN director Richard Murphy presented these slides on Corporate Accountability Standard 1 on Taxation at the Corporate Accountability Network launch event on 12 July. The discussion
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Corporate Accountability Standard 1 – Taxation – launched 12 July 2019

12th July 2019

The Corporate Accountability Network is publishing a document today concerning its first proposed Corporate Accountability Standard, which is on taxation. This will be discussed at the
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