The Corporate Accountability Network is directed by Richard Murphy. He is being joined on the Board by Dr Meesah Nehru, John Christensen and Professor Adam Leaver. Their biographies and brief details of our advisory board are noted here.

Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy is a UK based chartered accountant. He is founder-director of the Corporate Accountability Network.

Richard is Professor of Accounting, Sheffield University Management School.

Richard has previously co-founded the Tax Justice Network, which started the worldwide tax justice movement; Green New Deal Group which started that movement around the world and the Fair Tax Mark. He is director of Tax Research UK and Finance for the Future LLP.

His summary CV is available here. A description of his work is available on the Tax Research UK website, here.

Having worked and campaigned on tax, environmental and political-economic issues for almost two decades Richard is returning to his first love of accountancy by starting the Corporate Accountability Network. He worked as an accountant for the first two decades of his career, much of it as senior partner of a firm of chartered accountants, but also as a director of a number of entrepreneurial companies. He still holds a practicing certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Dr Meesha Nehru

Meesha Nehru has worked for almost a decade on accounting, tax transparency and related labour-related issues.

Meesha was a researcher for the Tax Justice Network before working with Richard Murphy to launch the Fair Tax Mark, which provided her with a great deal of experience that she can now bring to the Corporate Accountability Network. She has since then worked on international tax justice campaigns and for trade unions, suffering the frustration of not having the data required to undertake the research those roles required. She brings that experience as a stakeholder to the Corporate Accountability Network.

Professor Adam Leaver

Adam Leaver is Professor in Accounting & Society and ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Prior to that he was Professor in Financialization and Management at the University of Manchester, and researcher at the Centre for Research In Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC).

Adam has published five co-authored books, four on financialization and financial crisis and one other on outsourcing. His work appears in leading international peer-reviewed journals including Work, Employment & Society, British Journal of Management, Organization, Economy & Society, Critical Perspectives in Accounting, Review of International Political Economy, New Political Economy and The Journal of Cultural Economy. His work takes a mixed-methods approach, including follow-the-money accounting and social network analysis to highlight the broader theme of improving social responsibility in financial services.

John Christensen

John Christensen was a co-founder of the Tax Justice Network and chairs its Board of Directors.

Trained both as a forensic auditor and economist, he has worked for many years in the public, private and non-profit sectors.  For over a decade he headed the government economic advisory service of Jersey, during which time he took extended leave to do postgraduate studies on international business and environmental policy-making at the London School of Economics.

His research on offshore finance and the role of accountants as enablers of corrupt practices has been widely published in books and academic journals, and John has taken part in many films, television documentaries and radio programmes.  He recently co-produced The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (released 2017) and is currently working on a documentary film about the Finance Curse.

He brings a breadth of campaigning and economic experience to the Board.

Our advisory board

Our advisory board is at present made up of the following, who have volunteered their services:

  • Prof Len Seabrooke, Professor of International Political Economy at Copenhagen Business School

We welcome offers of support from those who would like to act as advisers and who have appropriate skills to offer. Please email us at